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Tomi Rantanen


Equal Futures in Music

The music industry has a problem. Gender inequalities are still prevalent, and women and non-binary people remain underrepresented. I started to explore how transition design could facilitate the equality transition in my Master's thesis. I continue the research as a doctoral researcher and a member of Aalto University's NODUS – Sustainable Design Research Group.

A 7-month project with a Zambian social enterprise, which aims to tackle many societal challenges – including malnutrional diets and deforestation. The project was built on design thinking and different design methods and prototyping tools.

aalto global impact
The Format

In early 2020, I was founding a new media company, The Format. Our mission was to create a community that discusses social issues in music and celebrates black music. The Format published two video podcasts: the pioneering hip-hop radio show Kultabassokerho and a brand-new concept, The Sauce.


In under a year, we generated over 120k YouTube views and started meaningful discussions about racism and discrimination in music, which lead to concrete action on record labels.

Tasoi Records

Logo design for Mikael Gabriel's record label Tasoi Records. Home to artists such as PastoriPike, Kingfish, Boyat, Diison, Django and others.

I love music and have been deejaying in clubs all over Finland, but also in Namibia, South Africa, Spain and Estonia. Representing RANE in Nordic countries as their brand ambassador.

There's no DJ Misterhustla without social media. Very precise branding has lead to opening the stage for the likes of The Game, GZA, YG, Kid Ink, Tinashe, Gyptian, Yemi Alade and more. One of the most memorable moments was playing Virgil Abloh's launch party at Louis Vuitton Helsinki store.

DJ Misterhustla

Event marketing is in a key role in my graphic design portfolio. I've done visuals for a well over 100 events through the years – from club events to festivals.

Koko Kesä

Kingfish, Mikael Gabriels & Djangomayn's "Koko kesä" eventually became one of the most popular rap songs of the summer in 2016 and it's widely considered an iconic Finnish trap song. The cover art stems from it's dark soundscape. The gothic typography is inspired by Tasoi Records font.

Lord Est Tuuttaa Varattuu

Lord Est and Raappana's "Tuuttaat varattuu" is a laid-back dancehall/reggae inspired song released in 2019. One of many covers I've done for the Finnish dancehall pioneer.

Boyat Sun Tahtin

Boyat was Tasoi Record and Universal Music's new mysterious duo in 2016. I designed their two first singles, "Sun Tahtiin" being the second one. After these they were featured on Antti Tuisku's "Hanuri".


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Kaiku Entertainment
Live Nation
Noho Partners
PME Records
Universal Music
ViacomCBS International Nordics
Warner Music Group
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