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Music has always been my passion. I've been a professional DJ for more than 10 years now. During my career, I have witnessed first-hand how women are underrepresented throughout the sector.


In Finland, only 20% of music creators are women. At the current pace, an equal gender balance would be reached around 2150. Radical measures are needed to accelerate the equality transition.


I focused on this issue in my Master's thesis. The starting point for the work was my assumption that the tools and methods used in sustainability transition processes could be used to facilitate accelerated change. 


I experimented and prototyped with transition management's transition arena method, which gathers the industry's frontrunners in the same space to design a vision, goals, pathways, and portfolio of strategic actions.


The outcome of the thesis is a proposal for the music sector's equality transition.


I will continue this work as a doctoral researcher at Aalto University's Department of Design and NODUS research group.

Aug 2023 - present



Equal Futures in Music cover

Master's thesis

Equal Futures in Music: A Proposal for a Transition Design-Inspired Approach to Combat Gender Inequalities in the Finnish Popular Music Sector.

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Equality transition spread

The proposed equality transition process.

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