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In my career, I've navigated various types of design challenges. Using my design culture and learnings from multidisciplinary work, I focus on researching and designing for transitions in music. I aim to find out how design can provoke systems-level change, using the music industry as a testing ground.. 

In general, I'm interested in solving complex problems with design thinking, participatory design and futures thinking. I offer design thinking facilitation for companies and organizations interested in utilizing participatory design methods and techniques.


I have a background in digital design, and still enjoy aesthetically pleasing projects from brand identities to designing publications.


Shoot me an email and let's work in both of these fields!


Doctoral researcher at Aalto University's Department of Design and a member of NODUS Sustainable Design Research Group. My research is about facilitating equality transitions with design.

I hold a Master of Arts degree in Arts & Design from the world-renowned Aalto University. I majored in International Design Business Management, which combines the design track with business and tech students. This gave me a lot of knowledge and experience in working in interdisciplinary teams.


Bachelor's degree in Digital Design at Metropolia UAS.



Music drives me. Being a professional DJ for over 10 years and doing almost 1000 events all over Finland has given me a lot of knowledge about the entertainment field in general. Interested in combining music with my expertise in music.

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