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Design Thinking is a human-centred approach to frame and solve all kinds of problems, but especially complex, ill-defined or vague problems.

How does Design Thinking benefit your business?

#1 – Business Development

Design Thinking is the best way to find out the appropriate steps to develop your business – whether it is towards more sustainable practices, new innovation or growth. 

#2 – UI and UX Design 

Using Design Thinking for better user experience often means conducting design research to find the most pressing pain points and addressing them in creative ways.

Tomi Creative offers facilitation to workshops, which aim to find out the right problem to solve and the steps to work towards the solution.

The most common example is a Design Sprint, which is a week-long participatory journey with the client's team. Read more about Design Sprint here.

I am also interested in longer-term projects, which require less participation from the client's side.

Email me (Finnish/English) to schedule a meeting to discuss the best ways I can help your company.


Currently looking for bigger projects – such as developing the company's brand identity, advertisement campaigns, single and album covers, and publications.

Click here to see my selected portfolio.

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