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As part of my Master's studies in International Design Business Management, I had the opportunity to do a project with Aalto Global Impact and a Zambian social enterprise Trinity Super Nutrition.

The company aims to tackle multiple societal problems in Zambia with their innovative approach to beans. By processing the beans in a way that reduces the cooking time from 6 hours to 20 minutes, the company wants to provide all Zambians locally sourced, accessible and nutritional food solution.

The company currently sells the product to institutions and wants to enter the consumer market. However, our research found out that the company needs more information whether the product fits into Zambian cooking practices or not. 

As a solution, our team designed a design probe study, which allows learning more about how different customer segments live and interact with the product, and if the product should be redesigned for better market fit. Ultimately, the solution is about switching from developer-centred approach to human-centred.

Nov 2022 - Jun 2023


redesigning beans in zambia mockup.png

Final report

Layout design by Tomi Rantanen

probe kit.png

Probe kit


Diary with a workbook

Layout design by Tomi Rantanen

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