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STTK is a politically non-aligned and pluralistic confederation of trained professionals with 13 member unions and approximately 450,000 members.

I worked on multiple projects including Työelämän rajamailla social impact podcast, events, publications, social media content and search engine optimization.

After being admitted to Aalto University, I gave up my full-time position, but I will continue to work with STTK as a freelancer.

Jan 2022 - Aug 2022

Adviser, communications


Social Media Management

Content creation

Graphic design


Content creation and paid targerted advertising for @sttkmikonkatu, @tyoelamaan and @kesaduunari Instagram channels.

STTK Podcast







Työelämän rajamailla is STTK's social impact podcast. My role includes conceptualizing the podcast, doing casting, writing script, producing it with ArtLab, editing and writing copy for it.

Kehysbudjetoinnin kehittäminen

Layout design

Video producer

Graphic design for launch video

Marketing plan

STTK's Chief Economist Patrizio Lainá created guides how should improve government's spending limits.

I created the layout design for printed brochure and produced a video for the launch event

Publication was well received in Finnish media.

Helsinki Pride 2022


Graphic designsr

STTK, SAK and Akava organized an official Helsinki Pride 2022 seminar in Kiasma Museum. 

My role was to do the graphic design and some of the casting for the event.

Watch the event

Suomi kodiksi YouTube cover

Graphic designer

Search engine optimization

Suomi kodiksi is a videoseries targeted to people entering work life in Finland. These videos were originally released in 2016.

My role was to create new thumbnails and improve search engine optimization for them.

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